“We are thrilled that our daughter is attending Academy High.  The administrators and faculty have put together a program that far exceeded our expectations.  Our daughter has been more engaged in her schoolwork than ever before, and we are amazed at the range of knowledge and experiences she has acquired already.  We are also grateful to the student body itself, which has formed its own diverse community of support.  We can’t imagine a better school for our child’s future.”     

–Current Academy High Parent

Academy High provides students with an engaging, innovative learning environment that will prepare them for the future. Devoted faculty support and engage students to attain their greatest academic and personal achievements. Simply stated, our dedication to each and every individual student is paramount.


We ask for, and rely upon, student feedback and ideas to help shape our program. Additionally, our institutional flexibility enables us to assist students in discovering and pursuing their passions. We will work with students and their families to say “yes” as an institution to meaningful experiences that support their interests.


We will provide our students with unique opportunities, including science classes held in advanced laboratories, community engagement projects that connect students to local organizations, and meaningful internships regionally and abroad.


The Academy High education will produce six powerful outcomes essential to the 21st Century learner and prized by their future colleges, professions, and the world they will inherit: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Character, and Cosmopolitanism (cross-cultural competency).


We prepare our students well beyond the traditional high school experience. We will enhance their problem-solving skills by providing them with opportunities to engage in real projects with real impact. Moreover, our communications faculty will provide students with important opportunities for communicating in writing, public speaking, group collaboration settings, as well as individual interview presentations. Internships also will provide students with meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. Our students will graduate with the skills and confidence necessary to successfully and enthusiastically navigate their future – whatever that future may hold!