Academy High is dedicated to diversity of all forms. Indexed Tuition fosters economic diversity by customizing the cost of tuition, making an Academy High education accessible to families regardless of their financial situation.  Indexed Tuition enhances the overall quality of an Academy High education by fostering a balanced and diverse learning community where many perspectives meet. Academy High was among the first schools in Illinois to implement Indexed Tuition, which is consistent with its forward-looking culture.

Indexed Tuition, By The Numbers
  1. More than 50% of our students utilize Indexed Tuition, which caps tuition based upon a family’s ability to pay.
  2. The range for Indexed Tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $3,000-$16,300.

How is Indexed Tuition Determined?

Families that apply and qualify for Indexed Tuition pay at a level that takes into consideration what they are able to afford. When setting a family’s Indexed Tuition, several factors are considered in addition to income, including family size, number of children attending tuition-charging schools (including college), medical expenses, and assets and liabilities not reflected in household income.

 Indexed Tuition is calculated through School and Student Service (SSS), a trusted third-party financial service of the National Association for Independent Schools. All families’ financial information is sent directly to SSS and is kept strictly confidential.

 How Do I Apply for Indexed Tuition?

We encourage families to contact Academy High well before the application deadline if you have any questions about the Indexed Tuition program.  To apply for Indexed Tuition at Academy High, please complete SSS’s Parents’ Financial Statement, which includes a $49.00 application fee, payable to SSS.  If you are unable to afford the SSS application fee, please contact the School.

How is Tuition Paid?

For the convenience of families, Academy High offers three payment plan options.  Tuition is payable in one annual payment, semi-annual payments, or ten monthly payments.

To request an application, please click HERE.