During their junior and senior years, Academy High students are provided the opportunity to apply their education to the greater world around them as interns at local organizations. 

Students work with Academy High faculty to be matched with an internship opportunity that speaks to the student’s possible career interests. The goal of internships is not merely about gaining work experience, but rather the opportunity to see the central role that critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, character, and cosmopolitanism play in differentiating between success and struggle. After interning, students have the opportunity to showcase their experience for their peers (see pictures above). 

Here are what some of our first graduating students had to say about their internship experiences

I went to the University of Illinois Law School and I was able to sit in on lectures. I learned more about criminal law and was able to hear from special guest speakers. I am interested in becoming a lawyer in the future and this internship helped me realize that I like the field. I would say to future students looking for an internship to keep their options open, that internships are a  time to explore interests.” 

– Megan Wiarda, Class of 2021

I developed algorithms using Python to find patterns in DNA sequences. I learned about motifs and data visualization methods from a professor and his graduate student in the department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois. I started in the spring and continued through the summer to spend about 7 months learning from my mentors. I wrote a report of my work at the end. This opportunity gave me a chance to experience research and learn how to approach answering a research question.”  

– Mayank Hirani, Class of 2021

“I was a marketing intern at the Libman Cleaning Company headquarters in Arcola, Illinois. I learned informational graphing skills, researching skills, and how to successfully market a product to a target audience. I definitely came into the internship with a strong interest in marketing and studying economics in college. I was able to learn a lot and believe that this helped prepare me for college courses.” 

– Jack Wiarda, Class of 2021

Academy High continues to develop relationships with area organizations and practitioners in the fields of technology, professional services, manufacturing, non-profit, health and human services, and entrepreneurial start-ups. If you have any questions about the internship program, or want to learn more about hosting an intern with your organization, please contact internships@academyhigh.org