As you follow the various links on our website and peruse the content that you find on those pages, please keep in mind a few critical “big-picture” tenets which have framed the development of our program and which should likewise frame your thinking about Academy High:

  1. The job market of the future will demand preparation that is different from that which schools have traditionally provided
  2. The changing nature of the college admission process creates new opportunities for students and schools
  3. There will be global challenges that our students will be called upon to accept and overcome in the years to come
  4. We want our students to lead interesting, satisfying, fulfilling lives and believe that their high school experience should support such outcomes

Items 1, 2 and 3 are not matters of opinion, as reports found here, here and here will attest. Item 4 is a matter of opinion and to the extent that matters of opinion do not require universal agreement in order to remain credible, you are free to disagree (although I cannot understand why you would) – de gustibus non est disputandum, as they say.

As is the case with every independent school, our trustees choose a particular path forward (our mission) and assume responsibility for securing the human, financial, and capital resources necessary to follow that path. There are many other fine schools internationally, nationally, and locally whose chosen path is different from ours, and that’s ok. We happen to believe that our mission, vision, and program represent one (particularly compelling) way that school can be executed in the 21st century to provide students with appropriate, engaging experiences that prepare them for whatever their future may hold, and the full force of the combined work, wealth and wisdom of our stakeholders shall be applied to see that it is so. Perhaps after viewing our website – or, preferably, visiting our school in person – you, too, will begin to see things the way we do!

Kind Regards,


Dr. Pascavage

Founding Head of School