Academy High’s core curriculum of traditional academic courses provides a rigorous selection of classes from mathematics, science, history, literature, the arts, world languages, and technology. The content of these classes (curriculum) is largely consistent with other college-preparatory secondary schools. What distinguishes Academy High is the unique way that students and teachers engage in learning (instruction) and how students demonstrate what they know and can do (assessment). Academy High will emphasize hands-on and project-based learning resulting in higher engagement and application of concepts by students.

AP courses will be offered at Academy High but in a deliberate manner that reflects an appreciation for the value of balance. The volume of content in an AP course often prevents “deep dives” into topics that are especially interesting, valuable, and engaging for students and faculty. Although AP classes have a role in secondary education, thoughtful limitations will be placed on the timing and number of courses that a student may take. These limitations will be consistent with similar policies adopted at other leading college-preparatory independent schools. Students will not be discouraged from pursuing additional AP options via hybrid or online courses when appropriate.


Academy High’s modules are comprised of an ever-growing set of courses covering topics outside of the core curriculum that will vary in length from a few weeks to an entire semester. Some modules will be elective and driven by student interest, while other modules will be required because of their importance and applicability to all students.

Unique Blended Schedule

Academy High’s blended schedule represents a dynamic transition from the traditional model of “cells with bells” learning within rigid times and spaces to a modified block schedule with longer periods meeting in a college-like format. Such a schedule produces deeper engagement and a student-centered approach that empowers students to be increasingly independent learners responsible for pursuing their passions and interests while remaining accountable to mastering relevant content in their required courses.

Download the Academy High Curriculum Guide for 2022-2023 School Year