Average Class Size


Your student isn’t just a number.

Student-to-Faculty Ratio


Your student gets personalized attention based on their level and pace.

Students Enrolled


Small but mighty and growing at the right speed.

  • 2017 (Year 1): 9
  • 2021-22 (Year 5): 59
  • 2022-23 (Year 6 – Projected): 73
  • 2026-27 (Year 10 – Projected): 160

Grades Served

9 – 12

Feeder Schools


Welcoming students from across the many public, private and home-schools

Towns Represented


Our students hail from 7 different towns/cities across central Illinois (including rural and micro-urban communities).

Indexed Tuition fosters economic diversity by customizing the cost of tuition, making an Academy High education accessible to families regardless of their financial situation. Indexed Tuition enhances the overall balanced and diverse learning ommunity where many perspectives meet.

Annual Tuition Range

$3,000 – $16,300

Tuition Range with Indexed Tuition

Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees


Some even hold multiple advanced degrees.

First Graduating Class


We’re proud of our Class of 2021, who continue their educational journeys at major institutions around the country.

Academy High Racial and Ethnic Profile, Compared to Champaign County

Race and Hispanic OriginAcademy HighChampaign County
Black or African American6.9%13.8%
Hispanic or Latino6.9%6.3%
Two (2) or More Races13.8%3.0%
White, Not Hispanic or Latino60.3%66.6%
Table 1: Comparison of Academy High’s Racial and Ethnic make up as compared to Champaign County.