Champaign, IL, Dec. 10, 2020—Academy High School is pleased to announced that it has been formally accredited by Cognia, a global nonprofit organization that grants accreditation and certification to schools in quality assurance and education. Academy High was approved for accreditation by the Cognia Global Commissions at its Oct. 30 meeting.

“Accreditation is a universal symbol of quality that demonstrates to colleges, universities, and the public at large that our school meets the highest standards in preparing graduates for success in college and beyond,” said John Carpenter, Head of School, adding the recognition is “a giant step forward in Academy High’s effort to establish itself as a leading choice for school families.”

Formerly AdvancED, Cognia extends accreditation to schools based on adherence to 30 specific performance standards that fall under three main categories: Leadership Capacity; Learning Capacity; and Resource Capacity. The process includes an exhaustive application process followed by a formal visit by a Cognia team that assesses a school’s curriculum as well as teaching practices, school leadership, faculty growth, and other areas.

This year, Academy High hosted the Cognia visiting team virtually, due to the ongoing pandemic. After its visit, the Cognia team commended Academy High on several points, including creating an effective remote learning plan for students and establishing a culture that celebrates equity, diversity, and inclusion.

“I also congratulate our incredible faculty members,” Carpenter said, adding the Cognia team highlighted the faculty “for creating a wonderful, student-centered learning environment that cares deeply about each student.”

“They worked very hard through the pandemic and over the summer to make [this] possible,” Carpenter said.

Academy High Earns Accreditation, Recognition