Academy High began its second year as the region’s only Independent High School on Wednesday, August 15th. The school roster has nearly tripled, with 24 students enrolled.   “I am particularly excited about the expansion of the sophomore class,” said Dr. Darren Pascavage. “The word is out that we are providing a high quality education reflective of the unique strengths and needs of each student.”

Academy High is dedicated to fostering socio-economic diversity within its student body, with 33% of its students utilizing Indexed Tuition. The current tuition range for its students is $3,000-$15,800. “We want to recruit the curious, engaged students regardless of their ability to pay,” Pascavage said.

In addition to its core curriculum of mathematics, science, social studies, writing, literature and languages, Academy High has announced its module offerings for the first quarter of 2018:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Spreadsheets 101
  • Film Studies
  • PSAT Prep (Math and Verbal)
  • Drama
  • Circuit Training
  • Yoga
  • Music Recording and Production
  • Applied Renewable Energy
  • Survival Literature
  • Genetics
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Philosophy:  Epistemology

This year, Academy High will once again compete in Science Olympiad, Odyssey of Mind, and regional math competitions. They are also planning to expand to Rube Goldberg competition. The school will continue to offer Indoor Soccer and Volleyball this year, and will add 3 on 3 Basketball. “As we continue to grow, our co-curricular offerings will expand as well. We have several students who are very excited about the prospect of including basketball and individual sports, such as track and swimming, in our offerings,” Pascavage explained.

Year Two is Underway!

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