Nikolas punts after a saved goal.

Academy High has been proud to field recreational soccer and volleyball teams in its inaugural year. Team sports have provided a wonderful opportunity for some students to continue to pursue their passion on the field or court. It has also been a great opportunity for rookie athletes to step up and be a part of the team.
Nikolas is a great example of stretching himself for the good of the team. Although he had played soccer as a young child, he had never played goalie, and didn’t hesitate when his teammates asked him to try it. Here’s a conversation with Nikolas regarding soccer at Academy High:

Nikolas: I was excited, because I didn’t think there would be sports until I was a junior or senior. My classmates told me I should try goalie. I thought, “Sure! I’ll try it.” I’ve been goalie ever since.

Nikolas with his teammates, coach Annie Tock Morissette, and Head of School Darren Pascavage. Seventy-eight percent of the student body represents the school on the soccer pitch.

AH: How long was it before you realized you had real potential as a goalie?

Nikolas: A couple of games into the season, I noticed I was stopping more and more goals. Dr. Pascavage and the teachers kept telling me I was doing well and to keep trying.

AH: What’s your favorite aspect of playing on the Academy High soccer team?

Nikolas: Soccer has been a lot of fun and really helped us to get to know each other. My classmates and I get to play as a team and stay in contact over the weekend. Whenever we score a goal, it’s always super exciting. Even if the other team scores a bunch and we just score one or two, we feel so much better about our progress as a team.

AH: Do you think you would have had this opportunity at other schools?

Nikolas: I would not have had a chance at indoor soccer, and I probably wouldn’t have been goalie. Most schools have students who have specialized for years, so even if I had made the team, I likely wouldn’t play much.

AH: Did representing your school in competitions with your classmates change how you interact with each other?

Nikolas: It’s mainly that we know and understand each other better. It’s really fun working as a team.

AH: What other competitions are you looking forward to?

Nikolas: I am definitely looking forward to Science Olympiad- it will be lots of fun. I am really enjoying volleyball as well. I am not in Odyssey of the Mind, but a lot of classmates are looking forward to that. There’s a lot going on!

Our thanks to Nikolas for speaking with us about his experiences with Academy High indoor soccer. When asked how Nikolas has grown this year, founding Head of School, Dr. Darren Pascavage, replied, “Nikolas has become a more vocal leader, and the other students now look to him for that. He has taken to the role well.” Go Owls!

Nikolas directs traffic before a penalty kick.
Athletic Competition- A Student Interview

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