In January, 2016, a group of community members first met to discuss the possibility of forming the first Independent high school in East-Central Illinois. The year was filled with meetings with community leaders and brainstorming sessions with a growing group of engaged families. With the guidance of nationally recognized experts in Independent High School education, the vision of creating a uniquely innovative college preparatory high school began to take shape.

In early 2017, the Board of Directors of Academy High hired Dr. Darren Pascavage to be Academy High’s Founding Head of School. Dr. Pascavage was chosen for his experience in founding Independent schools, his proven ability to transform an innovative vision into reality, and his passion for fostering lifelong curiosity and learning in his students and faculty. Under Dr. P’s leadership, Academy High secured its temporary location, hired exceptional faculty who are passionate about both their field of study and sharing it with students, and recruited its first class of pioneering students. Academy High officially opened its doors on Wednesday, August 16th. And then the work began!

Because Academy High is a college preparatory high school, core subjects, such as English, Math, Social Studies, Sciences, and Languages are thoroughly covered. What makes Academy High extraordinary is HOW the material is taught, and how mastery is assessed. Examples can be found here.

Beyond the core subjects, innovation is also at work in our modules, where students are creating music in the school’s recording studio, designing and building lamps in Studio Arts, and experiencing culturally diverse musical performances and workshops within our in their study of Non-Western Music.

Here is what a parent has to say:

“We are thrilled that our daughter is attending Academy High.  The administrators and faculty have put together a program that far exceeded our expectations.  Our daughter has been more engaged in her schoolwork than ever before, and we are amazed at the range of knowledge and experiences she has acquired already.  We are also grateful to the student body itself, which has formed its own diverse community of support.  We can’t imagine a better school for our child’s future.”     

The Board of Directors of Academy High thanks you for your continued interest and support, and wishes you the happiest of New Years!

What a Couple of Years It Has Been!

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