Indoor Soccer

School History will be made on Sunday, October 29th when Academy High takes on Judah Christian in its first-ever indoor soccer match at Soccer Planet. Go Owls!


Science Olympiad

Academy High’s Science Olympiad Team will make its debut in regional competition on March 3, 2018 at Parkland College. Science Faculty member Natasha Capell, and a colleague from the University of Illinois, will work with students to prepare for the event.  The areas covered in Science include physics (optics), chemistry, geology, building (mousetrap vehicle, Rube Goldberg, helicopters, towers) gaming, remote sensing, and materials science. Go Owls!


Illinois Math League

Academy High has begun competing in Illinois Math League! Last week, students completed their first of six tests that will be administered over the academic year. On the tests, correct solutions usually require at least one stroke of exceptional mathematical insight per problem and often demand multiple steps. Illinois Math League grants both school and individual recognition, state-wide, for cumulative success on the tests. Congratulations to Mayank Hirani, who was Academy High’s high scorer on Test #1!

Academy High Gets Competitive

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