Academy High opened its doors just two months ago! This historic milestone was simply the first step in creating a school whose mission includes our students becoming exceptionally well-educated.  In our new blog series, Innovation Actualization, we will check in with Academy High faculty to learn what is going on in their class. This week, we visit with Literature and Writing Faculty, Amanda Heinsman.

In Literature, Ms. Heinsman reports that students have recently finished reading The Great Gatsby, followed by a viewing of the 2013 film.  The class discussed framing the movie added, some of the music of the film, and what students liked and disliked.  Next, there was a return to the class’ central theme of character archetypes and applying the hero’s cycle to the novel.  The following week, the class looked at famous people of the 1920s Paris emigre scene in preparation for the film Midnight in Paris.  Students will be researching and preparing posters based on people in the film.  Students will examine the film, and its themes, in comparison to The Great Gatsby. There is quite a bit of overlap and the film even features F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. This study will culminate in a creative final project known as the The Quest, where students will pick a creative medium and combine three elements: the quest, dreams, and the past. Students have significant flexibility in choosing their medium.

In Writing, students have just finished their ACT Essay unit.  Students have written a total of three essays, the last one being an in-class essay styled after the actual exam. The next writing unit is an interdisciplinary persuasive paper with math.  The central question is whether math is discovered or invented.

Innovation Actualization- Insights into Literature and Writing at Academy High

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