On August 10th, Academy High’s science and music instructors presented an overview of their courses.



At Academy High, Biology faculty member Natasha Capell will not be standing at the front of the class dictating notes- she will be immersed with her students bringing science to life.  Ms. Capell enjoys exposing her students to both lab and field research, where students will get firsthand research experience working with faculty and graduate students from the University of Illinois. Students will also have hands-on learning inside the classroom, designing their own experiments to test theories they develop.  Students will have several opportunities for scientific writing, where they will present their research findings.


Music Recording and Production

Instructor Dr. Young Kim will introduce Garage Band to students, enabling them to digitally create music and podcasts.  Students will utilize online keyboards, loops, a variety of instrumental effects, and voice recordings.


Survey of Non-Western Music

Dr. Kim will introduce students to music from around the globe, highlighting styles from familiar genres and lesser-known regional styles.  Students will travel to local concerts to listen to music and experience the rich cultural diversity that is available in our local community.


Curriculum Night Update

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