On August 10th, Academy High hosted Program Night for incoming and prospective students and their families.  The evening provided an opportunity for the school to present an overview of the programs that will be offered in this inaugural year.  Here are a few highlights from the evening:

Soccer Team:  Academy High has formed a partnership with Soccer Planet in Urbana to have the Academy High soccer team compete with other area teams.

Dodgeball Team:  The faculty and students will revive the classic beloved dodgeball game, adding modern twists to keep the game fresh and innovative.

Kickball Team:  Students and faculty will compete together on a school kickball team, and they look forward to challenging other schools and community members to fun-filled games.

Odyssey of the Mind:  Academy High will be the first high school in the community to participate in this world-wide competition of creative problem-solving.

Science Olympiad:  As one of the premier science competitions in the nation, Science Olympiad provides rigorous, standards-based challenges to teams in 50 states.  Science Olympiad’s ever-changing line-up of events in all STEM disciplines offers students the opportunity to speak with scientists and discuss careers in various scientific fields.

Math Olympiad:  This competition helps build problem-solving skills, mathematical knowledge, and analytical skills needed for future careers in an innovative society. Students will compete with others across the state of Illinois.

Physical Education:  As part of its physical education program, Academy High has formed a partnership with the Stephen’s Family YMCA.  Through this partnership, students will be able to participate in rock-climbing and take classes to obtain CPR and Red Cross certification.


What’s for Lunch?

In addition to program details, Dr. Pascavage share the logistics of lunch at Academy High. Students can bring their own lunches, utilize the boxed lunch delivery service from campus-based Hendricks House, or purchase lunch from food trucks stopping by Academy High.


Academy High Hosts Program Night

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