Academy High Welcomes its Pioneer Class of 2021

Academy High is proud to introduce its inaugural class of students. As we take this historic step, our Head of School, Dr. Darren Pascavage, reminds us of the words Cicero, who reflected that “the beginnings of all things are small.”  Please follow Academy High on its blog as its students experience, and help to form, their first weeks of school.

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The role of “technology” at Academy High is quite traditional in the sense that we are less concerned with having the latest gadgets than with empowering students to fully and completely embrace the tools that they already have in the

The Arts

Artistic creativity transcends all that we do at Academy High. Our approach to the arts is intended to infuse creativity throughout all areas of study. Fine and performing arts represent an opportunity for students to develop confidence in their own


“the place where we work together” Academy High’s Collaboratorium is, by definition, “the place where we work together.” It is a time for discovery, exploration, and innovation, with intentional faculty instruction and assessment for students to become skilled at doing