Summer School Registration and Fall Application Process Underway

Summer school will soon be in session! Academy High is proud to offer a wide variety of innovative options, including Drones, Video Game Design, Learning to Build, Neuroscience, Human Anatomy, and “Sing, Dance, and Act.” To learn more or to register, please click here.

Academy High is now accepting applications for the class of 2023. Word is out that our teachers are outstanding, our curriculum is rigorous, our students are engaged with academic and athletic competitions, and Indexed Tuition makes an Academy High education affordable. To request an application, please click here.


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Academy High is dedicated to diversity of all forms. Indexed Tuition fosters economic diversity by customizing the cost of tuition, thereby making an Academy High education accessible to people regardless of their financial situation.  Academy High is among the first


Academy High’s core curriculum of traditional academic courses provides a rigorous selection of classes from mathematics, science, history, literature, the arts, world languages, and technology. The content of these classes (curriculum) is largely consistent with other college-preparatory secondary schools. What

Beyond Campus

Academy High knows that not all education takes place within the four walls of a classroom.  Our students are out in the community regularly, conducting field research at Allerton Park and the University of Illinois, attending performances at Krannert Center